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Real Health Stories

"Full-flavored meals that are healthy and tasty! Really good customer service too - very responsive and polite. Kudos to Eat's Life Manila!"

"I'm down from XL to L na. Already lost enough weight to have my watches adjusted. Getting close to wearing M sized shirts again!"

I liked the meals!!! It was really convenient for me as someone who tracks her macros. Gave me an idea of how much portioning certain calories actually are as it is also nutrition certified! Despite that, the service here on IG also was pleasant 🫰🏼

"Diet shouldn't be starving yourself just to lose weight, it's actually what you feed your body that does the trick."

"Eat's Life Manila is really helping me cut a lot! Since I started, the meals have helped me cut 3 kg (also with intense training)"

"By Choosing Eat's Life Manila, I am also choosing myself, because it's not just delicious food that will help me achieve my weight loss goals, but it also comes with not having to worry about what to eat for dinner. it's made my life easier."

It was super enjoyable to eat especially the lunch and dinner meals 😋 i specifically loved the tikka masala omg 🥹

My schedule is so erratic that it’s hard to plan and cook meals on certain days. I really enjoyed how the menu was delicious, filling, and so convenient. I was eating my favorite food while reaching m fitness goals! Perfect for busy days because all you have to do is heat then eat 🙌