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Roasted by Eat's Life Manila | Vegetarian, Plant-Based and High Protein Party Trays

Celebrations and gatherings maybe a little different this year but there’s still plenty of good things worth toasting to, and we’re here to roast for you! Introducing ROASTED by Eat’s Life Manila. Especially-made for virtual social assemblies like business meetings, brainstorming sessions, or family reunions. ROASTED brings healthy eating at the center of it all with a selection of farm-fresh food, that’s been oven-broiled, grilled, smoked, or spit-roasted to flavor-locked perfection.


Choose from our sets of ROASTED food pairings, grains, and greens, or simply mix and match what best caters your guests. Click here to see our menu of Roasted food pairings, and discover what’s smoking from our kitchen. Let us take care of the cooking and delivery, and enjoy hassle-free celebrations at home.

If you’re Hosting, we’re Roasting.