Dietitian-Balanced, Chef-Prepared

Macro-Calculated Gourmet Meals

Years of bland, boiled chicken breasts and steamed-to-mush broccoli have left a bad image of what eating healthy can be. Though we do use chicken breasts and broccoli from time to time, you'll be amazed at the imaginative ingredients our Dietitian recommends, and the flavors our Gourmet Chef can extract out of the simplest of produce.

Our Macro-Calculated, Gourmet Meals include:

SLIM LIFE - If all you’re after is eating healthy and maintaining your healthy weight, This is the meal plan for you. The plan provides healthy meals valued at 1200 kCal, which is perfect for people who live busy lives with limited time for regular exercise.

BALANCED LIFE - If you just have to cap off your hectic day with run, yoga session, or other physical activity to shake off some stress, then his your life plan. A full 1500 kCal delivery of good and healthy eating, this will get you through the day from wake-up to workout.

FIT LIFE - for people dedicated to a life of regular training, adventurous weekends away form home, or career athletics, This plan delivers a full payload of 2000 kCal for winners like you!